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International moving around the world including Asia, South America, North America, Canada, Europe, Australasia, Africa, the Far East, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, the US / United States, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, Japan

What is FAIM?

  • FAIM is unique. It is the only quality standard for the international moving

  • It was developed in conjunction with one of the world's leading management

  • Every holder of FAIM has to undergo an on-site compliance procedure by an
    independent management consultant.

  • The Compliance Procedures are completed at minimum two year periods.

  • FAIM is held by more than 500 moving companies in over 100 countries around the

  • The are all affiliated to FIDI, a global network of quality certified international moving
What is FAIM? Your quality assurance for international moving
How does FAIM work to guarantee quality in international moving??
What FAIM demands of a quality international mover
Why FAIM? The only quality standard developed for an international moving company
How to find a FAIM approved international moving company to manage your overseas relocation
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FAIM - you're in safe hands

FAIM is the quality standard for the international moving industry. FAIM approved companies offer services including international moving, international relocation, international moves, relocation, international relocation services, shipments, household goods, import, export, overseas shipping, forwarding, transportation, air freight, worldwide relocation services, packing, expatriate.